Foot Kicking Soccer Ball on Grass

After a 3-0 start to the season, with wins against each of their opponents, it was time to switch fields and play each team over once again!  First up was an away game at Harrington on October 4th. 

A spirited Harrington team full of energy and determination took the defending league champions head on and opened the floodgates in the first quarter, putting up four consecutive goals to shock Milbridge.  Everything seemed to be clicking for Harrington.  A couple of hard shots found their way to the back of the net, along with a rebound effort.  Harrington's trio of goal scorers included #13, #19, and #17 with two goals.  The first quarter ended with Harrington leading Milbridge 4-0.  

These uncharted waters were challenging to recover from for Milbridge, but they fought tough the remainder of the game, outscoring Harrington 3-1 in the final three quarters.  Braydin Kennedy put the Tigers on the scoresheet with a blast early in the second quarter (4-1), but were kept from scoring again until the fourth quarter thanks to a tough Harrington defense and some great goalkeeper play.  

Harrington silenced any momentum Milbridge could muster and put the game away when #19 blasted a shot to up their lead 5-1.  Edgar Paniagua Ortiz showed his fight by netting two goals near the end of regulation, inching the Tigers closer (5-3), but time was running out.  A start-to-finish performance by Harrington gave Milbridge their first loss of the season, ending their multi-year winning streak.