Drop Off Pick Up Schedule

Drop Off Pick Up Schedule

September 2, 2020 To MES Parents/Guardians, Teachers and staff here at MES have been working hard this week to get everything ready to welcome students back on Tuesday, September 8, 2020....

​RSU/SAD 37--PreK/K Registrations

​RSU/SAD 37--PreK/K Registrations

RSU/SAD 37--PreK/K Registrations On Wednesday, May 27th, from 8 a.m. to Noon, parents of incoming preK/Kindergarten students are invited to call the school that their child will attend in the fall...

Spanish version of 4-15 update

15 de abril de 2020 Estimados padres y tutores: Como muchos de ustedes ya saben, el comisionado de educación ha recomendado que todas las escuelas permanezcan cerradas por el resto del año...



Maria White, Milbridge Elementary

Maria White, Milbridge Elementary

about 16 hours ago

MES - To Parents/Guardian of Remote Learners:

Title 1 help is available by appointment via Google Meet on Wednesday during regular school hours. Please contact the office at 546-2210 with student name, time requested, subject and telephone number or email for Title 1 Department to contact you to get them signed up. We will do our best to get as close to your requested appointment time.

Maria White, Milbridge Elementary

Maria White, Milbridge Elementary

9 days ago

MES-September 13, 2020

To MES Parents/Guardians,

Hard to believe our first week of school is officially behind us. As we go into week 2 of school, I wanted to send out a friendly reminder regarding school dismissal. School dismissal is at 2:30pm. Starting at 2:30pm-2:40pm, 1 car at a time will stop at the school entrance and your student(s) will be delivered to your vehicle by MES staff member. Parking lot needs to be cleared by 2:45pm in order to keep buses on time. We ask parents/guardians to stay in their vehicle and to avoid blocking any intersections so that we can stay on time.

Parents/Guardians will not be allowed to enter the building. If at any time you need to enter the building, please contact the office at 546-2210 prior to 2pm to schedule an appointment.

Take care,
Ms. White

Maria White, Milbridge Elementary

Maria White, Milbridge Elementary

21 days ago

MES - Please check our facebook page for a letter from Principal White regarding Drop Off and/Or Pickup schedule.

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8:30 AM Sep 28

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12:30 PM - 2:20 PM Oct 15

Event: Sports Physicals

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