Cross Country Letters with girl running

Meet #4 (10/4/23) was another successful one for MES. Twelve runners placed in the Top Ten with several runners moving up several spots just outside of the Top Ten. 

Top Ten finishers include:

½ mile 2nd Place Alivia Beal

½ mile 3rd Place Kierra Castillo- Francis

½ mile 6th Place Jenna Wallace 

½ mile 2nd Place Jose Rosado

½ mile 6th Place Aaron Pottle 

1 mile 6th Place Lilly Parker

1 mile 3rd Place Orion Gauthier

1 mile 4th Place Nathan Beal

1 ½ mile 4th Place Kelsey Beal

1 ½ mile 8th Place Maci Brenton

1 ½ mile 9th Place Makenzie Beal

1 ½ mile 2nd Place Evan Regensburger 

Congratulations to all runners. The championship meet is Wednesday, October 11th at Jonesport Elementary School. Individual awards and team trophies will be presented on Wednesday after all of the races have been completed.

 Come out to root for the MES runners. First race starts at 4:00.