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*Special Education Ed Tech at Milbridge Elementary

*Part-time Cook at Narraguagus (4 hours a day)

*Full-time, year-round Evening Custodian at Harrington Elementary School

*Music/Band Teacher

*Math Teacher at Narraguagus for upper level math (including Calculus)

Salary or hourly wage based on experience.  Benefits include single subscriber Anthem health insurance for full-time employees and paid sick/personal days. Other benefits may pertain to certain positions.

Applications are available at the Superintendent's Office, 1020 Sacarap Road, Harrington ME 04643.  You may also email or phone us at 207-483-2734.

The successful candidate must complete the fingerprint/background check requirements per the Maine Department of Education as well as obtain the appropriate certification for each position as required.

Applications will remain open until a suitable candidate is found.